Looking for FOXes - Tglatey
Subject: Looking for FOXes
From: Tglatey
Date: February 25, 1998

Mr. Coker,
I recently received a mailing on the SCRoots-L with information on your
findings of sources on a surname.  I don't recall the name but within the data
was a listing about a allied line of Fox and Norris I believe.  I have lost
that mailing.  I am on AOL and our mail has been a little crazy for a couple
of days.  Is it possible for you to send me that mailing?  I am researching
the FOX name and I'm also coordinator for the Fox Genealogical Research Group
- "The Fox Hounds" and FOX-L Mail List so your info would be very valuable to
Terry Latey
FGRG and FOX-L Mailing List Coordinator

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