Looking for Elizabeth (Bessie) Jernigan (Jonakin) - Shirley Durden
Subject: Looking for Elizabeth (Bessie) Jernigan (Jonakin)
From: Shirley Durden
Date: May 06, 1998

Hi,  I am looking for Elizabeth (Bessie) Jernigan (Jonakin) b. abt. 1840
had a son John Jernigan (Jonakin) b. abt. 1856 came to Irwin Co., GA
pregnant and had a girl, Frances Elizabeth Jernigan (Jonakin) b.
11/16/1862.  Elizabeth (Bessie) also came down with a brother, Aaron
Jernigan (Jonakin).  Frances Elizabeth was my g-grandmother and she died in
childbirth giving birth to twin boys which one died and the other lived,
which was my grandfather.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shirley M. Durden

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