Looking for Census Records - Nancy A. Bedell
Subject: Looking for Census Records
From: Nancy A. Bedell
Date: October 16, 1998

Does anyone have access to the following Census records? I am not able to
get to the Library and was wondering if someone has this information to
search for me:

1) Richmond Co., GA(Augusta) - in 1830 Census - I am looking for John
(Quincey?) ADAMS and Lucinda PICKENS Adams. He was born in 1802 in SC and
died 11 Aug 1905 in GA. She was born in 1817 in SC and died in 1895 in GA. 

2) Could you look for Joseph ADAMS and see if he is listed as having the
following children, in Anderson or Pickens, SC. If so could you email me
with the Census data.

Adams, Susannah (1800 - ) 
Adams, John (1802 - ) 
Adams, James (1804 - ) 
Adams, Joseph (1806 - ) 
Adams, Robert (1808 - ) 
Adams, Sarah (1810 - ) 
Adams, Richard (1813 - ) 
Adams, Thomas (1818 - )

3) Also look for Frank Martin(he had 3 wives - Mattie Faulkner, Martha
Whitworth and Nancy Martin) in Clarke Co., Jackson Co. and Madison Co., GA
From 1870 through 1910.

Thank you! Nancy Bedell

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