Re: Looking for Carlile/Carlisle - fred carlile
Subject: Re: Looking for Carlile/Carlisle
From: fred carlile
Date: June 09, 2000

Hello Carla, My Carlisles don,t seem to fit your Carlisles. My Johns
were born in SC in 1805
and Jones Co. MS in 1840.

"Koestler, Carla C MVK" wrote:

> I, too, am looking for Carlile/Carlisle.  I am looking for a John L.
> Carlile/Carlisle born about 1827 married Indiana King on 15 Mar 1847
> in Claiborne County, MS.  They lived some of the time in Warren
> County, MS.  They had six children:  William B., Emeline, John Edward
> (my great grandfather), Mary E.,   Charlie Collin, and Alice ( who is
> said to have drowned at the age of 6.
> I would appreciate any help.
> Carla Carlisle Koestler
> [email protected]

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