Re: looking for a lookup volunteer for court records in SC - SYNDI STARK
Subject: Re: looking for a lookup volunteer for court records in SC
Date: December 11, 1999

Here are two suggestions

1.  Random of Acts of Kindness is a list of volunteers who
will do look-ups for specific areas.  You can access info
on this organization at
2.  The South Carolina Archives will do a search of their
records and provide you with locations of findings and an
estimate for copies.  Their web site is:
You can forward your request to:  [email protected]
Include:  Name you are researching, county, birth and death dates.
You must also include your postal address as they respond in
writing with results and estimate.

Best of luck, Syndi

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From: Tina Hall 
Sent: Saturday, December 11, 1999 12:53 PM
Subject: looking for a lookup volunteer for court records in SC

 I am seeking someone to do a lookup of court records in SC for me. I live
> way on the other side of the continent, and cannot do this myself. My 6th
> G-grandfather, David Adams lived in the Waxhaws settlement in Lancaster
> county, SC and died sometime between 1790 (he's listed in the 1st census)
> and 1794 (when his daughter, Elizabeth Day, hired an attorney to settle
> estate). Elizabeth, along with a James Adams (I think a brother), hired
> attorney while they lived in Hancock county, GA. David's wife, Mary, is
> in GA. A Jonathan Day was listed as her trustee in 1795 on tax rolls.
> I really need to get my hands on these court records to see how the whole
> family fits together. I'm hoping to find that he left a will and named his
> then living children. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have
> access to the court records, I'd really appreciate a lookup, and possibly
> copies (we can discuss that in private), of if you know where I can find a
> volunteer, I'd appreciate a URL or e-mail. If you know where to point me,
> I'd appreciate that, too.
> thanks and happy holidays!
> Tina Hall
> [email protected]
> Tina's Family Genealogy Page at:
> Steve and Tina's Home Pages at:
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