looking for a lookup volunteer for court records in SC - Tina Hall
Subject: looking for a lookup volunteer for court records in SC
From: Tina Hall
Date: December 11, 1999

I am seeking someone to do a lookup of court records in SC for me. I live
way on the other side of the continent, and cannot do this myself. My 6th
G-grandfather, David Adams lived in the Waxhaws settlement in Lancaster
county, SC and died sometime between 1790 (he's listed in the 1st census)
and 1794 (when his daughter, Elizabeth Day, hired an attorney to settle his
estate). Elizabeth, along with a James Adams (I think a brother), hired this
attorney while they lived in Hancock county, GA. David's wife, Mary, is also
in GA. A Jonathan Day was listed as her trustee in 1795 on tax rolls.

I really need to get my hands on these court records to see how the whole
family fits together. I'm hoping to find that he left a will and named his
then living children. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have
access to the court records, I'd really appreciate a lookup, and possibly
copies (we can discuss that in private), of if you know where I can find a
volunteer, I'd appreciate a URL or e-mail. If you know where to point me,
I'd appreciate that, too.

thanks and happy holidays!
Tina Hall
[email protected]

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