Re: Look-ups: - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Re: Look-ups:
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: May 18, 1998

As long as the forum topic and policies are complied with, lookup offers are
welcome here.  Just make sure that whatever is publish in the Forum complies
with forum policies.  For example, it should on-topic, not in violation of
copyrights, appropriate for the general public (can't imagine children reading
this stuff, but they might), etc.  Lookup offers, requests, and informational
responses are very appropriate messages for the forum.

Just think how much could be accomplished if the work was shared and every
subscriber donated one hour a week to do lookups or research for other
subscribers.  Most of the SCGenWeb pages list lookup volunteers.  If there is
any interest I will post such a page of volunteers on the SCRoots web site.  If
you want to be listed as a volunteer, send me a message telling me what contact
information you want listed and in which subjects you are offering to do lookups
or research.  

Steve Coker, Forum Manager
The SC Genealogy Forum
[email protected]

R. W. Hughes wrote:
> ....however, I can offer [if it's ok] to do look-ups for folks in
> the Kershaw County portion of the 1839 State Census..

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