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Elias Melton was born 1829 in Ware County, a son of Benjamin Melton and 
Nancy Dryden Melton (variously spelled "Milton" and "Melton"). The elder 
Melton was born in Bulloch County, 1799, a son of Nathaniel and Nancy 
Melton of that county, who came to Ware County as early as 1826 when he, 
Nathaniel, bought Lot of land 15, 8th district, from James Prevatt. Elias 
Melton was married in 1851 to Ann Albritton, born 1830, daughter of Thomas 
Albritton (Vol. ll). To them were born ten children:

1. John T.	b. 1853, m. Hester Cason, dau. of James.
2. Andrew J.	b. 1854, m.
3. Aaron	b. 1855, m. Penny Taylor.
4. Charlotte	b. 1856, m. John Howell.
5. Timothy	b. 1857, m. Nancy Hickox.
6. Moses W.	b. 1859, m. Nancy Angelina Barber, dau. of Obediah, Feb. 16, 
7. Harriet	b. 1861, m. John Bell.
8. Ursula	b. 1863, m. Reubin Crawford.
9. Martha	b. 1865, never married.
10. Francis Marion	b. 1867, m. Nancy Crews, Jan. 29, 1887.

Upon the creation of Charlton County in 1854, Mr. Melton and family became 
residents there, having been cut out of Ware. Elias Melton died there about 
1900 and his wife died soon after, and they were buried in the cemetery at 
High Bluff Church.
Benjamin Melton (or Milton), was born in Bulloch County in 1799, a son of 
Nathaniel and Nancy Milton of that county. The elder Milton died there 
tegtate in 1818. Benjamin came to Wayne County a young unmarried man and 
married there in 1821. His wife was Nancy Dryden, born 1797 in Warren 
County, daughter of William Dryden (Vol.III). They had the following known 

1. Timothy	b. 1822, m. Sarah -.
2. Sallie	b. 1828, m. (unknown).
3. Elias	b. 1829, m. Ann Albritton, dau. of Thomas.
4. Anna	b. 1831, m (unknown).
5. Moses	b. 1832, m. Civility - Died in C. S. A.
6. Fannie	b. 1835, m. William Gunter.
7. Aaron J.	b. 1842, died single in C. S. Army.

When Ware County was created out of Appling in 1824, Mr. Melton moved there 
and bought lot 15, 8th district, May 1st, 1826, from James D. Prevatt. He 
later bought and owned other lands there, and continued to live in Ware 
until 1854 when he was cut out of Ware into Charlton County in its 
formation. He died there in 1858. His widow survived him about fifteen 
years and died in Charlton County.
Benjamin Melton served in Capt. James A. Sweat's company of Ware County 
militia in 1838, in the Indian War.
Note: The name is spelled "Milton" in early records and "Melton" in later 
records, and was evidently originally "Milton"


Green B. Melton was born in Georgia in 1812, a son of Green Melton who was 
said to have been a native of Scotland emigrating to**** South 
Carolina.**** The elder Melton moved with his family to Tattnall County 
where Green B. Melton grew up. His wife was Martha A. Gray, born 1809 in 
South Carolina, daughter of William Gray and wife Rebecca. Two children 
were born by this marriage, both born in South Carolina where the parents 
lived several years, viz:

1. Harriet B.	b. 1841, m. Martin Deen, Jr.
2. Green T. 	b. 1848, m. Nancy Mann, dau. of Henry.

In 1849 Green B. Melton and family moved to Appling County, and Mrs. Melton 
died there in 1890, and he died two years later. They were buried in the 
Melton Cemetery in Appling County.

MELTON, BENJAMIN (p.197): (1) The son, Moses (or Moses W.) Melton married 
Civility Harris, daughter of Stogner Harris (Vol.III) and it is so stated 
in the Stogner Harris record in Vol. III. Moses W., was a private in Co. 
"F", 26th Georgia Infantry Regiment, a Charlton County company, enlisting 
March 8, 1862; he was killed in battle at 2nd Manasses, Va., Aug. 30, 1862. 
(2) The son, Aaron (or Aaron J.) was also a private in the same company and 
was killed in the same battle, Aug. 30, 1862. He had enlisted Aug. 15, 
1861. (3) The published roster of the company shows Aaron as having been 
killed 1863, no other details being given; however, the casualities 
suffered by the 26th Georgia Regiment in the battle at 2nd Manasses, 
published in Savannah newspapers soon after the battle, show that Aaron was 
killed in the same battle with his brother, Moses, as above stated. (4) 
Both brothers were listed on the company roll as "Milton" instead of 
"Melton". The family name has been spelled both ways in various old public 
records, however, it has generally been spelled "Melton" for the last 75 or 
100 years by descendants.

MELTON, BENJAMIN (p. 197): A note at the end of this sketch states that the 
name "Melton" was originally "Milton" in early Bulloch county records; 
however, further research shows that the two families of Melton and Milton 
were different families. It is now known that Nathaniel Melton of Burke 
County was granted 2871/2 acres bounty land in Washington County in 1785 
for his Revolutionary War service, and was granted three other tracts in 
Burke County between 1785 and 1800. And Nathaniel Milton in Bulloch county 
was granted 100 acres in 1820; his will is of record in Bulloch county 
(deed book AAA, p. 395) dated Feb. 12, 1818. Among the sons named in the 
will was Benjamin, b. 1799, (q.v. in this volume). Benjamin of Ware was 
there in the 1&90 census and was also born in 1799, with wife Nancy, name 
listed in that census as Milton; fie does not appear listed in 1820 census. 
The Benjamin of Thomas county was living in Bulloch in 1820 census and was 
listed as "Melton."
Whether the two Benjamins were related is not known now, but it seems 
likely that the Nathaniel of Bulloch (later of Thomas county) was the only 
Melton or Milton family in Bulloch in 1820, 'and that Benjamin of Ware was 
From Burke County and not Bulloch.

MELTON, BENJAMIN - VOL.IV: His widow, Nancy, was living in Charlton County 
in the 1860 and 1870 censuses. In 1870, the daughter, Sallie, was living 
with her and was listed as Sallie Hoyt. Mrs. Nancy Melton died in the 

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