Re: Look ups-Index to Charleston, S.C. will - papkling
Subject: Re: Look ups-Index to Charleston, S.C. will
From: papkling
Date: July 16, 1999

Thank you. my ancestors were Joseph and Polly {  ?} Shuttlesworth I am
directly descended from thier son John. Since I keep finding Different names
and dates I would like to know if their were other siblings for Joseph and
his son John. Also am descended from Clements  all I know is they were from
SC. Thank you again Pat Kling
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From: Elsie Swilley 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Thursday, July 15, 1999 4:27 PM
Subject: Look ups-Index to Charleston, S.C. will

>  I have on loan a copy of  INDEX TO WILLS OF CHARLESTON COUNTY
>1671-1868.The book says copies of these wills are in: the South
>Caroliniana Library of the University of South Carolina and in the
>Charleston Free Library.One set is said to be the Charleston County
>office also.
>I will do look ups if you email me privately so we don't clog the list.I
>also want you to give a given name as well as a surname.

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