Re: Look ups at the SC Archives - Linda Hannah
Subject: Re: Look ups at the SC Archives
From: Linda Hannah
Date: March 29, 2000

Yes, Please!  Linda in Albuq.

At 04:25 PM 3/29/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Could you please tell me if the SC Archives would do look ups and if so how
>much does it cost.  I am wanting to look up a confederate pension file. I
>have received his military file from Washington but they do not have
>confederate pension files they said I would have to go to that state.
>However I do not live in SC and I can not make that trip to Columbia.  So if
>any body knows of a look up or if the SC archives will do look ups please
>contact me.  Thank you so much!!!
>[email protected]
Searching for: Acton, Bailey, Bartle, Carpenter, Hannah, Hertzog, Hillary,
Holland, Mackay, Matheson, Page, Reynolds, Ridenour/Reitenaurer, Shadwick,
Stoner, Wollet.  

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