Re: Look ups at the SC Archives - Judith G. Brabham
Subject: Re: Look ups at the SC Archives
From: Judith G. Brabham
Date: March 31, 2000


You should contact  to find out if they have
the information you're seeking and the cost of receiving it.  Recently,
they were very good about responding to my e-mail query about the
availability, costs and procedures for receiving a list of plats.  Your
"official" request and payment will have to be sent by s/mail, but they
will respond by e-mail to let you know if they have what you're looking

Good luck.

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Subject: Look ups at the SC Archives
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 16:25:00 -0600
From: "Ginger Hederer" 
To: [email protected]

Could you please tell me if the SC Archives would do look ups and if so
much does it cost.  I am wanting to look up a confederate pension file.
have received his military file from Washington but they do not have
confederate pension files they said I would have to go to that state.
However I do not live in SC and I can not make that trip to Columbia.
So if
any body knows of a look up or if the SC archives will do look ups
contact me.  Thank you so much!!!

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