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Date: December 22, 1999

Nothing that comes close tho there are about 4 Jarvis' listed as spouses to other families.  One is a John D. jarvis, b. abt 1860.
No Earnest surnames.  Earnest is a maternal surname in my line.  Walker Co, Alabama.  They hailed from SC also.
As did my Huttos.  Mccains. Shepherds.


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Do you have any thing on Jarvis,they were in Lancaster Co. in the 1850 census
Then moved to Fl. by the 1860 census John Jarvis 1782 Va.,son's Brazwell 1813 
John 1815, Andrew 1818 Seaborn or Seabring March,26,1826 and a daughter
that married William Earnest. sure could use info.

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