Look up request - Fmihelich
Subject: Look up request
From: Fmihelich
Date: August 18, 2000

I am trying to break through one of the may dead ends in my efforts to 
discover all of the descendants of my immigrant g-g-grandparents.  Like most 
of us, I lack the ability to visit every state vital records office 
personally so I am asking for your help.

Could someone please check the state register for the death of George 
LAUSCHER?  DOB Sept. 1885 in WI     DOD After 1944 - place unknown

George's parents were Hubert LAUSCHER and Mary Ann STOFFELS.  

George is not listed on the Social Security death index.  He divorced his 
wife and left his home in MI about 1934 when his youngest son was 3. He is 
now 70 and never heard from or saw his father again.  

Since I am not a regular subscriber to all state lists, if you have any 
information that could help me discover George's death date and resting 
place, would you please e-mail me personally.  In advance, thank you.

Janet Mihelich

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