Long Canes massacre, 1760 - Slsamz
Subject: Long Canes massacre, 1760
From: Slsamz
Date: November 24, 1999

In the booklet " The Scotch-Irish and their First Settlements on the Tyger 
River" written in1861 the author says that "The grandfather of Mr. Samuel 
Clark, now of Beach Island, and several members of his family, were killed in 
the attack.  The wife and four children escaped." This Indian attack occurred 
in February 1760 at Long Canes when settlers were being moved to Augusta for 
protection.  Many of you know that Patrick Calhoun, father of John Calhoun 
was helping move these people and his Mother was killed.  Does anyone know 
about this Clark family?  I am researching Clarks in SC about this time.  
Does anyone know where I might find a list of those killed in the massacre?  

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