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Subject: Long Cane ARP Church
From: JLKB
Date: April 21, 1998

Thank you for the information on Long Cane ARP Church. My Leard/Laird and
Bonner ancestors, along with the Youngs and Joneses they married were
involved. I found many names in the posted lists. It's interesting to note
that they formed Bethel ARP Church in Oak Hill, Wilcox Co., AL upon their
arrival there and Harmony ARP Church in Stewards Mill, Freestone Co., TX upon
their arrival there about 1850. Using church records to supplement others is a
valuable tool. The Bonner Family History, Sue Bonner Thornton, Texian Press,
Waco., TX, 1972 lists these sources for ARP information:

Associate Reformed Presbyterian; 

Centennial History of the Associate Reformed Presbytherian Church, 1803-1903.
Charleston, SC. Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co., 1905.

Davis, N. M. An Historiacal Sketch of the Long Cane Associate Reformed
Presbyterian Church. Greenwood, The Greenwood Indes - Journal Company. 1941.

Dundas, F. deSales. The Calhoun Settlement. District of Abbeville, South
Carolina. Staunton, VA. McClure Co. n.d.

Revill, Janie. A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to
S. C., 1763-77. Baltimore. Genealogical Publishing Company.

South Carolina Historiacal and Genealogical Magazine.

Watson, L. M. Old Ninety-Six, Star Fort and Cambridge. Greenwood, SC. The
Connie Maxwell Press Department. 1960. 

Mike Bonner

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