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Date: July 23, 1999

D.A.R. does not accept ANY  book as proof.  It must be PRIMARY information.
Besides---I have found many errors in Boddie.  Felicia
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Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 8:21 PM
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Just curious, why will DAR not accept W.W. Boddie info?
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 If he received a NC land grant in what is now TN, it would say "Military
 grant".  The only military grants in TN were in the area around
 TN.  Felicia
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 Date: Wednesday, July 21, 1999 11:58 PM
 Subject: Samuel Scott

 >I have been helping a friend with her papers to join the DAR. Maybe
 >someone can help us with this problem. In DAR books it has that Samuel
 >Scott was in Francis Marion's command during the Rev. War. We have sent
 >twice to the National Archives for his papers and they say that they
 >can't find him. According to DAR papers of  member#415100 say that
 >Records that Samuel Scott gave Revolutionary Services are in Charleston,
 >South Carolina. He is listed by W.W Boddie Records Charleston S.C. with
 >Marions men. Samuel Scott went to Tn. in 1810. He was married to a
 >Sarah. Can someone help me prove this or refer me to the right place? I
 >would be glad to pay someone to look this up and make copies of his
 >service record. Please e-mail me and not the list. The DAR will not
 >except ref. from  W.W. Boddie. We believe that Samuel Scott received a
 >land grant from N.C.warrant #2580 but do not know if it was for his
 >service or what? Samuel was born 1763 in York Co. S.C. He died in Tn. It
 >is believed his wife was Sarah Latham daughter of Andrew Latham of York
 >Co. S.C. Thank you for your help.     Lois

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