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Subject: Re: [email protected]
From: Faye L. Dyess
Date: July 23, 1999

Please check your information and do not send out DAR information without
being certain.  There are many times that DAR DOES except books and recorded

DAR accepts reliable sources, no matter what they are.

If you are interested in joining DAR please visit their web site.

Only accept as fact, information that comes from DAR.

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Date: Friday, July 23, 1999 11:41 AM
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D.A.R. does not accept ANY  book as proof.  It must be PRIMARY information.
>Besides---I have found many errors in Boddie.  Felicia
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>Date: Thursday, July 22, 1999 8:21 PM
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Just curious, why will DAR not accept W.W. Boddie info?


[email protected] wrote:

 If he received a NC land grant in what is now TN, it would say "Military
 grant".  The only military grants in TN were in the area around
 TN.  Felicia
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 From: Lois Glasgow 
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 Date: Wednesday, July 21, 1999 11:58 PM
 Subject: Samuel Scott

 >I have been helping a friend with her papers to join the DAR. Maybe
 >someone can help us with this problem. In DAR books it has that Samuel
 >Scott was in Francis Marion's command during the Rev. War. We have sent
 >twice to the National Archives for his papers and they say that they
 >can't find him. According to DAR papers of  member#415100 say that
 >Records that Samuel Scott gave Revolutionary Services are in
 >South Carolina. He is listed by W.W Boddie Records Charleston S.C. with
 >Marions men. Samuel Scott went to Tn. in 1810. He was married to a
 >Sarah. Can someone help me prove this or refer me to the right place? I
 >would be glad to pay someone to look this up and make copies of his
 >service record. Please e-mail me and not the list. The DAR will not
 >except ref. from  W.W. Boddie. We believe that Samuel Scott received a
 >land grant from N.C.warrant #2580 but do not know if it was for his
 >service or what? Samuel was born 1763 in York Co. S.C. He died in Tn.
 >is believed his wife was Sarah Latham daughter of Andrew Latham of York
 >Co. S.C. Thank you for your help.     Lois

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