Lockwood/Payne Bible Records - AslanJ
Subject: Lockwood/Payne Bible Records
From: AslanJ
Date: April 20, 1998

I received a suggestion that I post the following to several roots sites, in
 hopes that someone descended from this family will contact me.  It is true
 that many families fro the north did move south, so hope someone will
 recognize it.  This is NOT my family.  I simply bought the Bible, and can
 answer no questions.  Everything I know is here.
I did post this on the www in NY, and a couple of other sites, have had no
Judy Canant - Lakeland, FL
Lockwood and Payne Family

I bought this Family Bible at a Church
Sale in Orlando, FL.  A single, elderly
woman, who had been a member of the
church had left all of her belongings to
the Church.  The Bible is very moldy,
and the center, family section, is loose,
but was found in the appropriate place
within the Bible.  There are page
numbers on the family record section
which coincide with the numbers in the
Bible.  The earliest record in the Family
Section is 1793.  Transcribed on
December 28, 1997, Lakeland, FL by
Judith Presnell Canant. I declare this to
be an accurate copy of the family records
in this Bible.

The Holy Bible
containing the 
Old and new Testaments
together with the
Translated out of the Original Tongues,
and with the former translations
diligently compared and revised
By the Special Command of His Majesty
King James I, of England
With Marginal Notes and References.
To which are added
An Index;
An Alphabetical Table of all the Names
in the old and new testaments, with their
Tables of Scripture weights, measures,
and coins.
Printed and Published by M. Carey &
No 126, Chestnut Street,
Family Record sheets by number printed
on page:
(left column)

Hiram Payne and
Rachel Lockwood
Jan.20, 1847
Edith, only daughter of 
(Crifman?) P. Besilter(?) 
(name very faded)
was married to the Rev William Mallien
Caldwell June 26
1901, at Clayville, NY
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Susan Lockwood
and John P Carey
were married at Gravesville, NY on
Sep 15, 1861
page 677 (right column)

Martha Virginia Payne
Colonel Bentley, married
Mar 15th, 1877
Annie Estella Payne
George R Jencks, married
Mar 8th, 1879
Gertrude Payne
Eugene A Bridgford
Oct 4   1920
(end of entries on page 677)
Page 678


Seely Lockwood was
born August 29th 1793
Hiram Payne was
born June 18th 1818
Rachel Payne was
born Apr. 22nd 1821
Martha Virginia Payne
was born Apr 25th 1853
Annie Estelle Payne
was born Sept. 24th 1855
William Seymour Payne
was born Aug. 20th 1857
Emma Gertrude Payne
was born July 18th 1859
(end of first column)
Page 678 (second column)

Martha Lockwood was 
Born march 17th, 1801
(below this is written in a different hand):
Seeley and Martha
Lockwood married
in the year of 1816
End of page 678
Page 679 - Column 1 - BIRTHS

Abraham Lockwood
was Born January 19th
Eliza Lockwood was Born
March 24th  1819
Rachel Lockwood was
Born April 22nd 1821
James Henry Lockwood 
was Born June 24th, 1823
George Lockwood was
Born March  2nd, 1826
Charlotte Lockwood
was Born March 15th 1828
T  Jefferson Lockwood
Was Born May (number 15 is written in
pen, and a "7" is written in pencil over
the 5) 1830
Susan Lockwood was
Born 22nd July 1832
Adaline Lockwood
Was Born Oct 14th, 1834
(end of Column 1)
Page 679, Column 2 - DEATHS

Eliza Lockwood Died
October 6th, 1820 aged 
one year - Six months,
and Twelve Days
James Henry Lockwood
Died 29th sugust 1832
Aged Nine Years, two
Months and five Days
Charlotte Lockwood 
Died April 3rd, 1846
Aged eighteen years,
and nineteen days

Martha Lockwood
Died Oct 23rd 1868
Aged sixty six (here again, the word
"six" is written in the original and the
word "seven" is written above it in heavy
pencil) years 
six months and twenty seven days
Seely Lockwood Died
April 9th 1873, Aged
seventy nine years,
seven months, eleven days
George Lockwood died
August 21, 1877, Aged
Fifty(?) one years and
five months and twenty nine days
End of page 679
Page 680 - Column 1 - DEATHS

                                        Apr. 16
Gertrude Payne Bridgford   1942
(written in just as shown at top of
column, above older registry)
William Seymour Payne
died Aug 27th 1873
Aged Sixteen years &
six days
Rachel Payne died
Dec 4, 1874, Aged
Fifty three years & eight (again, above
the "eight" is, written in pencil, "seven")
months, ("11 days", written in pencil)
Hiram Payne died
Feb/ 19. 1878, Aged
Fifty nine years and
eight months

George Rufus Jencks
died Feb 9, 1911
aged 65 yers and 
Eleven months
Estella Payne Jencks
died Dec. 23, 1916
aged 61 years, 3 months
Carlotta Carey McIntyre
Died Oct 2, 1923 aged 
Fifty five years
(end of column 1)
Page 680 - Column 2 - DEATHS

Abraham Lockwood
Died Sep 22nd 1893
Aged seventy six years,
eight months & Three days
T. Jefferson Lockwood
died Aug 22nd, 1894
aged sixty four years
Three months & three days
Adaline Lockwood
died May 6  1907,
in the 73(?)rd year of her
John Penelt(?) Carey
died May 5 1912
aged 78 years
Susan Lockwood
Wife of John P Carey
died Aug 7, 1913
aged 81 years, 16 days
Addie Carey Peirce
Died Jan 3rd 1916
Aged 52 years 4 months
and three days.  -------
Edith Bentley Caldwell - Jan 23
End of Column 2, page 680
No further writing was found in this

copyright c 1997 by AE and Judith
Presnell Canant.  These records may be
freely used for family files and records,
but may not be copied for any intent of
making money from them or from this

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