Re: location of church - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Re: location of church
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 21, 1998

[email protected] wrote:
> can anyone tell me the location of Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church?   it was
> organized about 1840.  is it still in existance?

See Places section of the SCRoots web site.
Mount Tabor Church
Greenwood County
Variant Name(s) Mount Tabia Church
                Mount Tabor Baptist Church
                Tabor Church
Latitude: 341123N
Longitude: 0820711W
USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map: Ninety Six
Mount Tabor Cemetery
Newberry County
Latitude 341148N
Longitude 0812603W
USGS 7.5' MAP: Little Mountain
Mount Tabor Cemetery
Newberry County
Latitude 342757N
Longitude 0813802W
USGS 7.5' MAP: Newberry NW
Mount Tabor Cemetery
Union County
Latitude 344812N
Longitude 0813007W
USGS 7.5' MAP: Kelton
Mount Tabor Cemetery
Orangeburg County
Latitude 331601N
Longitude 0804151W
USGS 7.5' MAP: Bowman
Mount Tabor Cemetery
Oconee County
Latitude 343539N
Longitude 0830826W
USGS 7.5' MAP: Avalon
Mount Tabor Cemetery
Pickens County
Latitude 344205N
Longitude 0824759W
USGS 7.5' MAP: Clemson

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