Re: Location in Old Sumter District - Cynthia Ridgeway Parker
Subject: Re: Location in Old Sumter District
From: Cynthia Ridgeway Parker
Date: October 19, 1999

  Bloom Hill is said to have been "at the entrance to the High Hills." I've seen it mentioned that it was in the sandhills and that during the Rev. War that the "troops of both sides frequently were marching up and down the highway by Bloom Hill."

That entire area is sandhills. The hills are the sand dunes of an ancient ocean.

I was born in and live in Sumter County. The clues tell me that it was somewhere in an area between Poinsett State Park and the small community of Wedgefield. The High Hills don't really start to be hills until you cross 378/76 as you travel on 261 toward Camden,
so it couldn't have been north of 261, which is the Stateburg side. It would have been somewhere near the extinct town of Manchester, which was a town before there was a Sumter. The highway would have been the Kings Highway (as it is still known today). That's 261.


Sam Rabon wrote:

 Does anyone know of a location named "Bloom Hill" (at the High Hills of the Santee)? This was in the old Sumter District, S. C. in the early to mid, or after, 1800's. I checked an 1825 Sumter District map and could not locate it. Can anyone help? Thank you! Sam.
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