Locating the Living March Issue 1999 - Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Subject: Locating the Living March Issue 1999
From: Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Date: March 13, 1999

Hello Genealogist, and searchers!

I admit that for this month I was at a loss in what to post, until....

At the end of this February I had begun a search for my living relations
whom  lived in South Carolina back in 1993.  At least this is what I was
lead to believe!  What didn't occur to me, was that these relations
lived in a border town.  (That is to say they lived right on the border
of Georgia)  Since I did not know this... I pestered everyone on the
lists that I subscribed to... And found these living relations!
However, this was needless pestering!  Here are a few simple steps to
alleviate amateur genealogist stress!

1.  Obtain a map for the state in which you are researching... These can
usually be received from the state's travel office for free.  They are
glad to pass out this information, and as every genealogist knows maps
are invaluable for every day use!  (It also makes a great addition to
your genealogy records)

2.  Nearly 70% of the cities in the United States have web sites that
you can visit.  These often become useful tools in determining location
within the state you are researching.  Some also contain interesting
genealogical information regarding the town.  (Johnsburg IL has
information concerning the founder of its city, as well as quotes from
his journal)

3.  When searching web side for addresses of your living relations,
check also nearby states.  (I failed to do this, and caused needless
searches of those willing to assist me)

4.  If you are searching for connected information, such as....
My Great Aunt had died in a place called Windamere Nursing Home....
Searching the web turned up plenty, but none in SC.  Some kind people
explained that the name I was searching for was spelled wrong.  Also,
that the Nursing Home was in Georgia.
*Don't search for specific's unless you can guarantee that the name you
are searching is correctly spelled.

5.  Lastly...
Use the information you have been given.  If I hadn't had information
regarding my Great Aunt's place of residence, and my Uncle's life story,
I would not have found my living relation.  Try to be as accurate as you
can get!  A few educated guess's go a long way in helping you find those
lost loved ones!

Happy Hunting  <>

With Love Wendy the Ex-debt collector

******************Wendy Mayfield****************************
Author of Locating the Living (A monthly posting on Roots-L)
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