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Date: April 23, 2000

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I am searching for information on the Lloyd family that is listed in the
1800-1870 census of Sumter and Clarendon Co, SC.  

Daniel Lloyd, b. 1804 in Sumter Co, was probably the son of William
Lloyd and Dorcas Lloyd, who lived in Sumter Co.  This was probably in
what is now the northern part of Clarendon Co.  William had 4 other
known children:  John, William, Roseann, and Samuel Lloyd.   Daniel
married an Elizabeth (Thames I believe) and had the following children: 
Caroline, John W, Henry, Mary A, Eliza, and Santianna Lloyd.  Mary and
Elizabeth were living in Clarendon Co in the 1870 census, just prior to
her marriage to Joshua Arnold in 1871.

Any help on this family would be appreciated.

Cal Campbell

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