Re: Re: LISTS - Adrian Hopkins
Subject: Re: Re: LISTS
From: Adrian Hopkins
Date: January 28, 1998

Date:    Tue, 27 Jan 1998 08:40:46 -0600
From:    "Horace B. Peele" 
Subject: Re: LISTS

Now we need to subscribe to NC and also SC as well as keeping NC/SC to make
sure that we don't miss anyone or any messages.  So following the split, I
need to send the same message to all three lists???  That seems like it
should be much more work for the host computers having to handle three
times the volume.
I was in favor of going the other way and placing VA on the NC/SC list
since logically VA is where many of the ancestors for NC/SC originated.
I am not trying to stir up trouble and please don't think I am, but there
seems to be a lot less traffic since the other man started his lists also.
Splitting up lists causes a loss of information unless each person does
exactly what you said, and that is to subscribe to each list.

Sincerely, Horace.                             (Over 25,300 Descendents)

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