Listing of WWI Military Service Men - Geojenk
Subject: Listing of WWI Military Service Men
From: Geojenk
Date: September 08, 2000


I have just completed linking to the detailed Bios of men that served in WWI 
From the Western Pa. area. These links are to the Historic Pittsburgh site.

The information on each person is as follows: Whether they enlisted, date of 
entrance, age at date of entrance, branch of service, 
company/regiment/division, where located while in service, rank when 
discharged, date of discharge, whether they died or were wounded in service 
and any additional notations. This latest work includes info on 1200 people 
and over 100 pictures of the service men

They are located at:

In my "All Things McKeesport" section. The listing is in alphabetical order.

You have my permission to post this in other mailing lists. Please don't spam 

Happy hunting!!

George "DaPicMoocher" Jenkins

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