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Subject: Re: Re: List-Marquis deLafayette Moore
From: Caroljcoop
Date: May 21, 2000

In a message dated 05/20/2000 3:26:11 PM Central Daylight Time, 
[email protected] writes:

<< I have not been paying attention to this string but the name Catherine 
 caught my eye.  I am searching for a Catherine Sanders who married Marquis 
 deLafayette Moore in 1827 in Marengo County, AL. She died there in 1834 
 after four children.  Said to have been born in SC.  Would she perhaps be 
 in the next generation after the Revolution?
 Billie >>

What a coincidence!  I have a Thomas MARQUIS DELAFAYETTE MOORE, b. 1832, m. 
Aramenta Cone in AL, in my database who is the son of Jacob and Elizabeth Ann 
PULLEN Moore.  Could your Marquis deLafayette possibly be a brother to Jacob? 
Carolyn Cooper in Kansas

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