List Owners - Jewell Kennedy
Subject: List Owners
From: Jewell Kennedy
Date: April 20, 1998

I belong to several mailing list have never "yet" been  taken off with out
my asking or unsubscribing.Of Course this is first time I have ever voiced
an opinion.Now I'm doing same thing that causes me to think a lot of us
aren't acting very adult like.
I do very much appreciate these people who spend time running these lists. I
will certainly try to make it as easy on them as I know how, only tell me.
People, you would not want ME as a list owner you were on.  I for one would
post the rules and if anything other came through I thought did not belong
and the sender knew it did not, and yes especially  people stating their
opinion  , as I'm doing now would be unsubscribed fast . Each response
brings more, what is wrong with us, can we not see this and stop it.
I'll step off my soap box after I say ,hang in there Steve your doing great,
and I for one thank you for your time and efforts.
Jewell Chandler Kennedy

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