List of WARD names from my data - Klpaints
Subject: List of WARD names from my data
From: Klpaints
Date: March 29, 1999

Below is my WARD  names/with spouses
 Difficult to cleanly format for e-mail. I included (where available) birth,
death and marriage dates, names of primary (from my prospective) spouses,
birth and death locations when available. I realize this is not columned......
and if you have any questions re any one here, let me know.

I have removed the names of WARDs that I believe to be still living.

If anyone is able to connect with these names, please let me know. 

WARD, Amy Mehehee						
WARD, Benjamin (poss. bro. of Thomas)					SC per census data	
WARD, Benjamin F.	12/21/1853	11/12/1904		Hathaway, Mary	(maybe town of
Tallibenela) Pontotoc Co., MS	Loco,  Mt Grove Cem
WARD, Charles Thomas	1842				Fayette, Alabama	
WARD, Harmon				Coley, Opal		
WARD, James Jesse	12/22/1858	03/12/1938	02/16/1878	Wife, J. J. Wards	or near
Tallibenela, Pontotoc Co., MS	Duncan, Ok   Love Cemetery
WARD, John Lee	06/15/1860	07/27/1894			or near town of Tallisbenela, Pontotoc
Co., MS	buried  Mountain View Cem Loco, OK
WARD, Mary Elizabeth	1846		12/22/1864	Carson, W C	Fayette, AL				
WARD, Minerva Catherine F. "Callie"	03/15/1855	07/01/1923	01/11/1870	HICKEY,
James William "Charley"	maybe town of Tallibenela, ( Pontotoc Co., Missisippi
From Pott. Co. history book)	Tribby, Pott. Co., OK   bur. Prospect Cem.
WARD, Philip Floyd "Dick"	1847				Fayette, AL	
WARD, Sarah Jane	11/18/1850	08/21/1931	09/20/1865	Stegall, Columbus Ware	or
near town of Tallibenela) Pontotoc, MS (date per gedcom F3154, Pontotoc
Co.)	Plesant Grove Cem., near Pontotoc  ( Pontotoc Co. MS)js
WARD, Thomas			Abt. 1827	LOVE, Sarah	(SEE GEDCOM FILE F3154)	
WARD, Thomas H.	Bet. 1822 - 1824	Bef. 1870	Abt. 1842	TAYLOR, Penelope
Catherine	SC per 2 census data (connects to Gedcom file F3154)	(d.  bef. 1870
Civil War per GEDcom file) b. Edington Cem. Pontotoc, Miss
WARD, William Daniel	1844			Mary	Fayette, AL	

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