List Of SC TAYLOR - murray taylor
Subject: List Of SC TAYLOR
From: murray taylor
Date: October 03, 1999

These are TAYLOR names that I'm seeking information on. Some were listed in the
1860 census index. Then some were on a church roll in 1883 and all were listed
at that time as being in the St Johns Parish,Charleston District, SC, what
is now a part of Berkeley County. Any Comments or information would be

Catherine Taylor
Robert Taylor
Gabriel Taylor
Allen P Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Baxter Taylor (female)
Mary Taylor
Henry J Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Ann F Taylor
Augustus Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Peter Taylor
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Taylor  died 1852
N F Taylor
Harriet Taylor
F M Taylor
F F Taylor 
Gabriella Taylor
Ardella Taylor
Peter V Taylor
Jefsie Taylor
Benjamin Taylor
Emma Taylor
Julius Taylor
Annabel Taylor
Viola Taylor
Mary E Taylor
John Taylor



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