Re: list of POW camps in SC - Elizabeth Hemmingway
Subject: Re: list of POW camps in SC
From: Elizabeth Hemmingway
Date: February 14, 1999

Do you or anyone know where in Aiken County the POW camp was located?  I live
in Aiken county and would love to go see if there is a marker or any old
buildings there. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Amanda Holling wrote:

 I went back to the recent Post and Courier article, and I found that there
> were more than 20 POW camps in South Carolina.  There was a map inset which
> listed the towns and counties with POW camps as of June 1, 1945.  Here is
> that list:
> "Number of prisoners in camps:
> 301     Aiken
> 247     Barnwell
> 248     Bennettsville (Marlboro)
> 241     Camden (Kershaw)
> 1,614   Charleston
> 297     Columbia (Lexington)
> 229     Coroanco (Greenwood)
> 747     Croft (Spartanburg)
> 400     Florence
> 250     Hampton
> 243     Holly Hill (Orangeburg)
> 1,608   Jackson (Richland)
> 608     Myrtle Beach (Horry)
> 391     Shaw Field (Sumter)
> 350     Walterboro (Colleton)
> 244     Whitmire (Newberry)
> 240     Witherbee (Berkeley)"
> The map notes that Charleston had 4 separate camps, one of which was the
> West Ashley camp I mentioned before.  The single largest camp in SC was at
> Fort Jackson in Columbia--the numbers shown in the graphic are greater for
> Charleston, but that's because they are counting all 4 camps together.  The
> West Ashley site, according to information elsewhere in the article, held
> about 700 inmates.  This list appears to contain only those camps
> operational on June 1, 1945, so there may have been others that had been
> closed prior to that date.
> Hope this list helps everyone identify the locations of those camps that we
> remember!
> (Source:
> Kropf, Schuyler.  "History of POW Camps Fading:  S.C. Was the Leader in
> WWII Prison Labor."  _The Post and Courier_ [Charleston]  12 Feb. 1995:
> 25A, 30A.
> The graphic was credited to S. Williams.)
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