list of POW camps in SC - Amanda Holling
Subject: list of POW camps in SC
From: Amanda Holling
Date: February 14, 1999

I went back to the recent Post and Courier article, and I found that there
were more than 20 POW camps in South Carolina.  There was a map inset which
listed the towns and counties with POW camps as of June 1, 1945.  Here is
that list:

"Number of prisoners in camps:

301	Aiken
247	Barnwell
248	Bennettsville (Marlboro)
241	Camden (Kershaw)
1,614	Charleston 
297	Columbia (Lexington)
229	Coroanco (Greenwood)
747	Croft (Spartanburg)
400	Florence
250	Hampton
243	Holly Hill (Orangeburg)
1,608	Jackson (Richland)
608	Myrtle Beach (Horry)
391	Shaw Field (Sumter)
350	Walterboro (Colleton)
244	Whitmire (Newberry)
240	Witherbee (Berkeley)"

The map notes that Charleston had 4 separate camps, one of which was the
West Ashley camp I mentioned before.  The single largest camp in SC was at
Fort Jackson in Columbia--the numbers shown in the graphic are greater for
Charleston, but that's because they are counting all 4 camps together.  The
West Ashley site, according to information elsewhere in the article, held
about 700 inmates.  This list appears to contain only those camps
operational on June 1, 1945, so there may have been others that had been
closed prior to that date.  

Hope this list helps everyone identify the locations of those camps that we

Kropf, Schuyler.  "History of POW Camps Fading:  S.C. Was the Leader in
WWII Prison Labor."  _The Post and Courier_ [Charleston]  12 Feb. 1995:
25A, 30A.
The graphic was credited to S. Williams.)

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