List of names on Kershaw deeds, 1784-1838 - Gkinard
Subject: List of names on Kershaw deeds, 1784-1838
From: Gkinard
Date: June 23, 1999

I thought this list of names might help someone researching Kershaw Count=

This morning I was reviewing my original deed documents from 1784 to 1838=
JOHN O=92CAIN HIGGINS and his family, Kershaw/Richland counties SC.  (The=
in question is mostly off Percival Road near White Pond Road; also, Spear=
Creek area.)

I have extracted various names that appear in these deeds in case anyone =
interested in these families. If you write me privately I can give you th=
sentence or deed in which the name appears. I cannot give you any data on=

these folks other than what appears in the deed (so please don=92t ask me=
so-and-so is the son of so-and so. I won=92t know.) The names listed coul=
d be
those who held land adjoining the plot under discussion; some could be
administrative officials, others are witnesses. It is just a list of all =
names that appear in the various deeds that I have.

David Read Evans
James Davis
James Terry
James English
Daniel Holliday
Solomon McCall
Silas Shinn
James Kershaw
John W. Jones
James N. Price
William Rabb
William J. Grant
J. V. Dowd
D. K. Fraser
J. T. W. Lang
Josiah Cantey
T. Bremar
William T. Grant
Rebecca Terry
James Terry
James C. Doby
John Bowen
Samuel Martin
Thomas Salamonde
Joseph Lee
David  L. deSaussure
George T. (McIntosh??)
Margaret Salamonde,
Jane R. Higgins (ne: Scott)
M. Sue Higgins
Leonora Higgins
Virginia J. Watts
Anna R. Porter
Henrietta R. Higgins
Georgia S. Higgins
E. Olivia Cloud
Carrie S. Martin

Hope this helps someone,

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