Re: List of French & Swiss Protestants-more info - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Re: List of French & Swiss Protestants-more info
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: September 10, 1998

[email protected] wrote:

 "The list ... belonged to Henri de St. Julien ...
>  first published in The Southern Intelligencer in 1822 ...

Correct, see prefatory note and pp 18-19.

 ... in 1867 Louis Manigault, Sr., brought the list up to 154."

Now that you've given away the suprise ending, will they want to read the story?

> widely available in SC....

"Widely" in the sense that anyone who wants to drive to Columbia, Charleston, or
some few libraries might be able to locate a reprinting, if they know what to
ask for and where to ask.  

Now it will widely available because it will be available to everyone on the

 ... and originals can be found scattered across the state ...

Of course you didn't mean that.  There was only one original of the list and it
has been lost.  Nobody seems to have a clue what happened to it.  All we have
now are these reprinted transcriptions.

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