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Subject: List of French & Swiss Protestants-more info
From: Urq5
Date: September 10, 1998

Greetings from South Carolina. According to the book, St. James Santee,
Plantation Parish: History & Records, 1685- 1925 (by Bridges & Williams, The
Reprint Publishing Co., spartanburg, SC, 1997):

"The list was found among the papers that had belonged to Henri de St. Julien
(who died in 1768 or 1769), the youngest son of Pierre de St. Julien, whose
name is included on the list. It next came into possession of a sister who
lived until 1780 and died at Wantoot Plantation in St. John's Berkeley. Henri
Ravenel's list came down to Daniel Ravenal and, known as the Ravenal List, was
first published in The Southern Intelligencer in 1822 in Charleston. At the
time only 119 names were deciphered, but in 1867 Louis Manigault, Sr., brought
the list up to 154."

For those of you who can't live another day without your own copy, it is
widely available in SC. It was reprinted in the above referenced book,
reprinted in Huguenot Transactions, Volume 5 (Baltimore Genealogical
Publishing Company, 1968), pp. 46- 68, and originals can be found scattered
across the state including copies at The Caroliniana Library (part of the USC
library system in Columbia) and the Florence County Library (2 original
copies).  The List is commonly referred to as "The Ravenel List" or "The St.
Julien List." 

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