Re: List of Family Surnames - Klpaints
Subject: Re: List of Family Surnames
From: Klpaints
Date: March 31, 1999

All three Campbell names were supplied to me via a "connection hit" with a
mutual WARD / TAYLOR researcher. I have included his address  so you may ask
him that question.  His last name is Stegall and in his line Ruben Campbell
married Dora Lee Stegall who was born in MS if I remember correctly.  

Send him  [email protected] some e-mail and see if he can help you more than

And....... do you have any TAYLOR / WARD / LOVE / HICKEY /COLEY / HUGHES
names ya wanna throw my way.  Or, STEGALL names ya wanna throw in the way of
the person who's e-mail address is as listed above.  Again he is researching
the TAYLOR / WARD / LOVE lines as well.

I hope this helps, Karen

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