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Date: May 15, 2000

HA.......Tom do you know the name of one person who isn't "off center"?  If
so you would be the first person I knew that did......we all call it


National Domestic Violence Hot Line (1-800-799-SAFE)

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 Welcome to the Loyalists club!!!!As  i shared last week, my g.g.g.
> grandfather was Col . Daniel Plummer from 96th district of S  C who
> commanded the loyalist troops at King's Mtn. .
> You should write the St. Augustine, Fla public library, att,Taryn
> Rodriguez for info on your ancestors.  They were in St. Augustine for
> the same reason mine were    they were loyalist refugees.  The Spanish
> took a census of all loyalist and listed names in family plus ages.  The
> people in St Augstine are  really great about helping us
> loyalist dig up info.  After that write to the
> Public Record  Office in
> london and ask them to check and see if your ancestor filed a petition
> for compensation fom his losses after the Americans took what he had.
> the spanish have lots of records in St. Augustine including census
> records, family members etc.  Get back to me if you need help.
>  on July 4 I hangout the stars and stripes and the union jack.!   my
> children say Dad you are like a picture on the wall that is a little off
> center!!!!!

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