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Subject: Re: Re: List
From: Riggs, Joan
Date: May 17, 2000

I am also researching Murphy - I have a family of siblings:  Cohen, Clarence
Albert, David, Elma, Verlie, and Emma Jean (my mother).  
Can anyone help please?  Emma Jean Murphy was born in SC (I believe
Orangeburg Country) on 11-22-27.  She was the youngest and I am not sure if
her siblings were also born in SC since she is 12 years younger than the
next oldest.  They moved to DeLeon Springs, Florida sometime while Emma was
a child.  The parents dies when she was young so she doesn't have much
information on them.

	thanks very much,


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From: Frances [mailto:[email protected]]
There are quite a few Murphy's do you have a first name?

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> would you please see if there are any Murphys 
> thank you 
> lori 

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