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From: James A. Miller, Jr.
Date: May 15, 2000

What is the Loyalist Club? My ancestor was Loyalist Capt. Philip Yonge
(Ga./Fla.), H.M. Surveyor-General of Georgia, brother of Loyalist Maj. Henry
Yonge, Jr., H.M. Attorney-General of British East Florida, who as such,
provided the legal opinion who freed the enslaved New Smyrna Beach, Fla.,
Minorcans, and commanded a "company" (more like a squad) of them in the
Revolution. He owned today's Ormond, Fla., which has Yonge St., and his
desc. founded the Philip Keyes Yonge Library of History, Univ.of Fla.,
Jacksonville. Henry Yonge, Jr., wed Forbes daughter of the Scot-Indian trade
firm of Messrs. Forbes, Leslie, Patton, Innerarrity, et al.  Their father
was the Hon. Henry Yonge, Sr., Loyalist, H.M. Surv-Gen of Ga., banished by
statute to St. Augustine, Fla. He called his wife Christiana Bulloch "a
Rebel", she being the sister of Patriot Gov. Archie Bulloch of Ga.  Jim,
Charlotte, N.C. PS  Perhaps wrongly, I'm under the impression that the
Canadian government charter to the United Empire Loyalist says desc. of
Loyalist who fled "to British controlled territorry" and not "only to
Canada".  If so, the UEL has been subverted from it's inclusive Loyalist
original chartered intent, to an exclusive (of many Loyalist) Canadian
nationalistic organization.  If the original charter says "to British
controlled territory", that would include Loyalist to British East Florida,
the Bahamas, Bermuda, and England.  Doe's anyone know which the original UEL
charter says?  Jim, Charlotte, N.C.
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 where is the public records office in London? are you still talkinga bout
> in Florida?   bill
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> Welcome to the Loyalists club!!!!As  i shared last week, my g.g.g.
> grandfather was Col . Daniel Plummer from 96th district of S  C who
> commanded the loyalist troops at King's Mtn. .
> You should write the St. Augustine, Fla public library, att,Taryn
> Rodriguez for info on your ancestors.  They were in St. Augustine for
> the same reason mine were    they were loyalist refugees.  The Spanish
> took a census of all loyalist and listed names in family plus ages.  The
> people in St Augstine are  really great about helping us
> loyalist dig up info.  After that write to the
> Public Record  Office in
> london and ask them to check and see if your ancestor filed a petition
> for compensation fom his losses after the Americans took what he had.
> the spanish have lots of records in St. Augustine including census
> records, family members etc.  Get back to me if you need help.
> on July 4 I hangout the stars and stripes and the union jack.!   my
> children say Dad you are like a picture on the wall that is a little off
> center!!!!!

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