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Subject: Re: Re: List
From: Frances
Date: May 17, 2000

Columbia Archives has microfilmed British loyalist information. It is a good
idea to check with them.  Peter Coldham has a book " American Loyalist
information could be in this book.
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 I just had an idea.  The State of Georgia declared all of the
> loyalists  were enemies of the state and said don't let the door hit you
> in the rear.   '  i bet S..C. did something similar.  Go to a local
> library that would have a copy of the SC statutes from the time of the
> revolution and they may have a listing.  In lieu stick with Myrtie
> june Clark's book about the loyalists. If you are close to Coumbia call
> the archives and see what they have on loyalists.
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