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I have Abraham, Issac and John
Abraham served under Colonel Robert Ballingall's Regiment, Colleton Cpunty
Militia Pay abstract nr 133. Soldiers Certification for Service.  Edisto
Militia 102 days --page 171 Loyalists in the Southern Campaign Vol I.
Publisher Clearfield Publishing Company. Murtie June Clark -author. This is
your source information.

Pvrt. Issac Brunson served under Colonel William Ballentine's Regiment, of
Camden Militia, pay for 92 days service. 6 May-5 Aug, 1782, paid Sept. 1782.
page 136 of the above source
page 151- Pay abstract Nr. 158, Col. Samuel Tynes, Regiment Santee Militia
dated sept. 1782 for pay 14 Jun-13 Dec, 1780-Isaac is listed as deserted.

Page 385-Pvt. John Brunson on muster roll of Captain Thomas Hamilton's
Company Royal North Carolina Regiment-25 Apr-24 june 1783.  Same source as
Happy hunting,

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> I also am intrested in the BRUNSON family. Can some one share with me
> Arvilla
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> > Frances, I, too, am interested in the Brunson family. Thanks for
> > mm
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