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Date: May 17, 2000

The orphan trains went virtually everywhere.To California along the
northwest through the farmlands and deep south,when people applied for
children  they were sent.Now that was NY Foundling however the The other Aid
to children's I believe and they just posted ads and said when they were
coming through town Flora
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I don't know and I am asking the list for the answer to this.  What about
>the Orphan trains from NY.  Did they come down your way?  They would have
>been almost in that time frame too.
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 I join Frances and Arvilla would love to hear more about the Brunson's.
 grandfather was William "Bill" Daniel Brunson whose roots are in Sumter,
 S.C. I haven't been able to find anything on him or his wife, Emma Orana
 Newman and would love to have ANY information on them. He was born in
 and died in 1920. She was born 01 Oct 1870 and died 17 Nov 1925. It is
 possible that her surname was Benengali or Benenhaley before she was
 by a family with surname of Newman. ANY information or suggestions on
 to look would be greatly appreciated.


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 > Frances,
 > I also am intrested in the BRUNSON family. Can some one share with me
 > Arvilla
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 > > Frances, I, too, am interested in the Brunson family. Thanks for
 > > mm
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