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Subject: Re: Re: List
From: D J Peirce
Date: May 15, 2000

Thanks Helen, I will try to locate the book at the local library.

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Doris:  There is a book "Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the
Revolutionary War" Vol I, by Murtie June Clark, that has all the loyalists
listed. My great, great grandfather, Isaac Lang, was a loyalist. Also,
Richard Lang, thought to be his brother
and just recently found to be his father. This was found in Spanish papers
in St. Augustine where they lived after the war. I have not changed my
genealogy records because nothing has been found in South Carolina to prove
this. They were in the Old 96th District. Of course, Isaac was too young to
have been on any land records (born in 1767) in 1783 when they went to
Spanish East Florida and later settled in Camden County, GA.  Wish someone
on the list had information about them.
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  I've been there and done that--and barked at plenty of people plenty of
  times!  I'm glad this is a better day for you, and I wish you the best
  the chemo.  I will pray for your health and for your peace of mind (which
  seemed to me to be the most elusive thing of all).

  BTW, I've been told I may have an ancestor who way a loyalist at King's
  Mtn....his name was John Bibby.  Of course, Bibby is a name that is
  a dozen or more who can say for sure?

  I am in contact with several who are dealing with difficult health issues,
  and would be happy to have you contact me if ever you would care to do so.

  Doris Peirce

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  thanks for your kind message.  I feel better now.  Anyone who needs
  info. from me will be treated in a courteous manner.

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