Re: Re: List - D J Peirce
Subject: Re: Re: List
From: D J Peirce
Date: May 14, 2000

I've been there and done that--and barked at plenty of people plenty of
times!  I'm glad this is a better day for you, and I wish you the best with
the chemo.  I will pray for your health and for your peace of mind (which
seemed to me to be the most elusive thing of all).

BTW, I've been told I may have an ancestor who way a loyalist at King's
Mtn....his name was John Bibby.  Of course, Bibby is a name that is spelled
a dozen or more who can say for sure?

I am in contact with several who are dealing with difficult health issues,
and would be happy to have you contact me if ever you would care to do so.

Doris Peirce

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thanks for your kind message.  I feel better now.  Anyone who needs
info. from me will be treated in a courteous manner.

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