Re: Libraries in 96th District & other special places - joyemac
Subject: Re: Libraries in 96th District & other special places
From: joyemac
Date: March 24, 1999

        Did they tell you about the Edgefield Probate Office while you were at their gen lib?  They
have a room you can research in and help you pull wills, deeds, etc. and make copies.  The
people there were so nice!
        Did you  know about the Star Fort at the town of Ninety Six, SC?  They have information there about the fort and the
Cambridge settlement.  Also there are a couple of shelves of good
books about the Ninety Six Dist and Edgefield Dist as well as Abbeville and other quaint  little
areas.  The log cabin used as the office also has a small museum with Rev. War  items and
the little stories behind them.  They have a couple of re enactments there each year, one being
a candle light tour at dusk.  It is really neat!    Also near Edgefield is the Pottersville Museum.
This was originally a Pottery factory in the 1800s where clay was molded into water jugs, churns,
pitchers, watering jug for the chickens (we have one that belonged to my husband's grandparents), and other wares.  This was called
Edgefield Pottery and is very valuable today.
We missed one jug when we had an auction of my in-laws estate and it went for $100 !  We kept
several and they are priceless to us!   There was another Pottery factory closer to my husband's
family's area.  His grandfather and  "adopted" brother sold these wares from a wagon drawn by
a horse throughout their neighborhood.   The log home  where they lived  and two generations were raised still stands today.  It is
one of few!
          I suppose the next best gen lib from Edgefield is Columbia Archives, and the Caroliniana
Library at the University of SC is fantastic from what I have been told by my Aunt  & Uncle.  I hope
to make it there soon. They found things there they could not find any where else.
           Greenville, SC also has  a great gen lib.  I have put some of this type information on
my home page below.  I guess I should put even more because I feel sad to think someone
may come from afar and not know some of the little special things to look for.
            I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!   I posted this to the list so others would be aware!
(Rootsweb sponsor)  read about Greenwood and surrounding  Counties in SC!    McManus,Horn, Harling,Hasting, Stroud,
Polattie, Cannon, Gray, Bagwell, Mote, Woodall ancestry.

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From: Crawford - Judith 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 7:38 PM
Subject: Re: Libraries in 96th District

:I just visited this area for the first time. I found a great gen library
:in Edgefield but no where else!  Does anyone know of other libraries in
:the area that collect unpublished records etc. I live close to DC so have
:access to the published help books and census records but I need those
:little hidden things--I have 4 families that lived their during or right
:after the Rev War Warnock, Wedgeworth, Crawford, McCarter.  The visit was
:great--I really enjoyed the squares in Edgefield and Abbeville and eating
:at the pool hall which was standing room only for lunch.  The theater in
:Abbeville was also quite an experience. To think my ancestors were there
:200 years ago.
:Judy Creamer

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