Re: Libraries in 96th District - RustyCat
Subject: Re: Libraries in 96th District
From: RustyCat
Date: March 24, 1999

You need to go to the campus of the Univ. of SC. They have the Caroliniana
Library. It's right on the horseshoe. Ask anyone.That's were stuff from all
over the state is collected and kept.  Pack your lunch or eat right across
the street at the Lizard's Thicket. It's in downtown Columbia. There is
also a collection of genealogy stuff about a  block away at the Thomas
Cooper Library.

> From: Crawford - Judith 
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: Libraries in 96th District
> Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 7:31 PM
> I just visited this area for the first time. I found a great gen library
> in Edgefield but no where else!  Does anyone know of other libraries in
> the area that collect unpublished records etc. I live close to DC so have
> access to the published help books and census records but I need those
> little hidden things--I have 4 families that lived their during or right
> after the Rev War Warnock, Wedgeworth, Crawford, McCarter.  The visit was
> great--I really enjoyed the squares in Edgefield and Abbeville and eating
> at the pool hall which was standing room only for lunch.  The theater in
> Abbeville was also quite an experience. To think my ancestors were there
> 200 years ago.
> Judy Creamer
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