Re: Libraries in 96th District - Nhhs48
Subject: Re: Libraries in 96th District
From: Nhhs48
Date: March 25, 1999

Hello Judy

You forgot one place of interest while in the Old 96 Dist.  The Battle of
Kettle Creek occurred in 1779.  Both the Loyalists and the Revolutionaries
were gathering their people and unfornately for the Loyalists, they were
caught with their cooking pots down as it were.  They had stopped to butcher
some beef that they had appropriated and were set upon by the Revs.  During
the battle one of my ancestors was taken prisoner and spent about 90 days as
the guest of the Sheriff.  In recent years a memorial has been erected and I
believe there is a group of interested people trying to keep it preserved.

Just thought you might like a little more of the area than what you mentioned
in your post.

Hal Hesterly

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