Re: Libraries in 96th District - John D. Culbertson
Subject: Re: Libraries in 96th District
From: John D. Culbertson
Date: March 24, 1999

I presume you're speaking of the pool hall in Edgefield.  Shh!  We really
want to keep it a secret!  They have wonderful food, don't they?


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From: Crawford - Judith 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 7:28 PM
Subject: Re: Libraries in 96th District

I just visited this area for the first time. I found a great gen library
>in Edgefield but no where else!  Does anyone know of other libraries in
>the area that collect unpublished records etc. I live close to DC so have
>access to the published help books and census records but I need those
>little hidden things--I have 4 families that lived their during or right
>after the Rev War Warnock, Wedgeworth, Crawford, McCarter.  The visit was
>great--I really enjoyed the squares in Edgefield and Abbeville and eating
>at the pool hall which was standing room only for lunch.  The theater in
>Abbeville was also quite an experience. To think my ancestors were there
>200 years ago.
>Judy Creamer

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