LEWIS, Paul Hamilton, M.D.(S.C>Ga>Fl>La>Al.). - Simsmoody
Subject: LEWIS, Paul Hamilton, M.D.(S.C>Ga>Fl>La>Al.).
From: Simsmoody
Date: February 07, 1998

   Searching for father of Paul Hamilton LEWIS, M.D., born l8l4 S. C. or Ga.;
found in "Territorial Papers--Florida" in Tallahassee in  l830; trained at New
Orleans, LA. "Charity Hospital" l833-35; practiced in Dallas County, AL.
l835-36; Montgomery, AL. l836-40, and Mobile,  AL. to l849. 
    Married Elizabeth Ann SHORTRIDGE (b . l82l d. l844) in l836;  had sons:
Burwell Boykin LEWIS, George Shortridge LEWIS, and Paul Hamilton LEWIS, Jr.
    Was Paul Hamilton LEWIS, M.D. the son of Whereat/Wheritt/Wherriot LEWIS,
(b. l772 d. l836)? - and was Whereat LEWIS the son of Capt. James "Otterskin"
LEWIS  (Loyalist, killed during the Revolution near Georgetown, S. C.)?
     ANY response will be greatly appreciated.   
Frank Moody                           
3229 Rockledge Road          or:      [email protected]
Birmingham, Al. 352l3      

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