LEWIS, James "Otterskin", - Loyalist - Simsmoody
Subject: LEWIS, James "Otterskin", - Loyalist
From: Simsmoody
Date: December 03, 1998

     Seeking any information about Capt. James LEWIS "of Pee Dee" South
Carolina.  Died November l780.  Commonly called "Otterskin:.  He was a
Loyalist, shot and killed at White's Plantation, near Georgetown, by a 14 year
old boy named "Gwinn", who was in Colonel Peter Horry's company (from "The
Swamp Fox.  The Life and Campaigns of General Francis Marion", by Robert D.
     Need name of wife, siblings, children - any relatives at all. 
     Was Rachel LEWIS, (born 1762 - died 1794, married 1777 to Joseph JENKINS,
who fought under Gen. Marion) the daughter of Capt. James LEWIS? 
     Was Whereat/Wherritt/Wheriot LEWIS, born 1772 - died 1836, the son of
Capt. James LEWIS?
     Even the slightest clue eagerly sought.  This has been a brick wall for
twenty-five years!!!
                    Frank S. Moody               [email protected] 
                    3229 Rockledge Road
                    Birmingham, Al.  35213 

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