LEWIS, Capt. James "Otterskin" - Loyalist - Simsmoody
Subject: LEWIS, Capt. James "Otterskin" - Loyalist
From: Simsmoody
Date: December 05, 1998

Seeking any information about Capt. James LEWIS "of Pee Dee" South Carolina.
Died November l780.  Commonly called "Otterskin"  He was a Loyalist, shot and
killed at White's Plantation, near Gerogetown, by a 14 year old boy named
"Gwinn", who was in Colonel Peter Horry's company (from "The Swamp Fox.  The
Life and Campaigns of General Francis Marion:, by Robert D. Bass.)

Need name of wife, siblings, children - any relatives at all. 

Was Rachel LEWIS(born l762 - died l794, married l777 to Joseph JENKINS, who
fought under Gen. Marion) the daughter of Capt. James LEWIS?

Was Whereat/Wherritt/Wheriot LEWIS, born l772 - died l836, the son of Capt.
James LEWIS?

Even the slightest clue eagerly sought.  This has been a brick wall for
twenty-five years !!!

                Frank S. Moody                [email protected]
                3229 Rockledge Rd. 
                Birmingham, Al.  35213

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