Lewis Whitfield and Zackariah West - Beverly Brown
Subject: Lewis Whitfield and Zackariah West
From: Beverly Brown
Date: March 25, 1998

My great-great grandmother was Martha Whitfield (b. 1833 in SC, d. 1912 in
TX), daughter of Lewis Whitfield (b. 1790 in NC, d. 1858 in SC), of
Anderson SC and Helena Vanider (b. 1794 in SC, d. ?). Martha married
Zackariah Simpson West (b. 1820 in SC, d. 1871 in MS) of Laurens SC. They
moved from SC to Mississippi, where Z.S. died several months before the
birth of their youngest child, my great-grandfather, Zack Eri Ellurian West
(b. 1872 MS, d. 1945 OK). Martha and her children then moved to Texas, and
several of their children migrated to Oklahoma, where I am now.

I've got more extensive information on my web pages at:

www.theshop.net/missbev/family/Wests2.html and

If you think you may have a connection to Lewis or Z.S., please take a
look, or contact me.

Beverly Brown, [email protected], www.theshop.net/missbev/sitemap.html
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